Monday, March 10, 2014

West Richland Represented

Sis. Balero new Companion & old friend. We were in RHS
Choir together & Forte'
Dearest Darlingest Mommsy and Popsicle....and the rest of you all,

    Last Tuesday night we were up waaaaay too late because Sis Jones took forever to pack up all the stuff she had accumulated over seven and a half months in one area....needless to say I feel asleep on my bed around 12:30am with all the lights still on while Sis Jones packed for another hour. 
   So then Wednesday we woke up super early too, in order to lug everything out to our car and drive the two and a half hours to Provo for the transfer meeting. I was really sad to not be Sis Jones companion anymore! We had a lot of good memories and laughs, and I was super sad to see her go. Plus I was terrified of taking over the area after only 6 weeks, and she had been her for her whole mission so far. So when we finally got to the transfer meeting she sat there and drew me a bajillion maps of everyone on our teaching list so that I would never get lost...but I kinda did...whatever, not important! Haha! But anyways, because we are eastern Utah, they announce our companions first so that we can leave sooner and drive all the way back to eastern Utah so that we can get to the rest of our appointments on time. So Pres McCune calls my area and has me stand up...and I'm super nervous. It's always nerve wrecking to get a new companion! You never know who you'll be put with and you always imagine the worst possible thing, like getting put with a psycho who throws stuff at you and hates you...which is very unlikely, but it's still an irrational fear all missionaries have! So I'm standing there and everyone is looking at me, because they do transfers in the chapel and they call your name, you stand up, then they call your comps name and they stand up and everyone watches as you hug each other and walk out of the chapel. So I'm standing there, and suddenly Pres McCune says "Sister Volmer your new companion will be....Sister Balero."
    I can't even tell you what happened next! I was in a fog! Both of us gasped really loud, then I tripped over the two girls sitting between me and the isle, and then Camry and I were running at each other and then giving each other a huge hug and l laughing really hard and we both kept saying "NO WAY! NO WAY!!" and everyone watching us was really confused and laughing and Pres McCune said over the podium "They look a little too happy about being companions!" and everyone laughed! As we walked out both of us were so relieved! It was the best feeling ever! Transfers are always either exciting or full of dread and I had been dreading a new companion...and then I got Sister Balero and I was soooo relieved! After the meeting and we were loading up our car, President McCune came up to us and was like "I totally forgot that you two knew each other...But God didn' it's meant to be." 

Wind + skirts = no fun!
      It's been super fun being with Sis Balero! We sing together in the car to our CDs all the time and today we were reminiscing old choir songs we had sung together in Chamber Choir and started singing them! It was funny to realize we both still knew the songs and she sang soprano and I sang alto. We sang Magnificat from my freshman year, and a bunch of other songs and it was fun! We have been asked to sing together at our Zone Training Meeting this week, so that should be fun too! I'll have to look through the sheet music you sent us to pick a song to use!
    It's fun being with Camry, but it's a little hard too. She's like a piece of home, and it makes me miss home a bit. We have so many of the same memories and she's so familiar that it makes me a little homesick. Usually I stay pretty distracted and busy, but when you have someone to talk about the good old times of high school, musicals, Forte, and friends with, it brings back a lot of memories. But I love the experience as well and I'm so stoked to serve with her!!! This is going to be a great transfer.
As for taking over the area....I'm pretty stressed, not gonna lie. Sis Balero has no idea who anyone is, or where anything is so it's been all on me for the past week. It's been hard because all the ward mission leaders loved Sis Jones and had a really good relationship with her, whereas none of them know me very well and I have to build trust with each of them and show them that I'm serious and responsible...but it's been hard.
    Saturday was especially rough. We couldn't get a hold of anyone and all of our fellowshipping kept falling through. And one of the less active families we regularly see suddenly dropped us....they said "You've done a great job. But please don't come over anymore." and that was it. Sis Balero could tell I was stressed out, and she was really good about helping me just roll with everything. Yesterday, Sunday was crazy too...because of the time change, we had a meeting at 7 in the morning that felt like 6. So we got up at 5:45 which felt like 4:45, and then we had a 17 hour day of missionary work. Yesterday was hectic...And I'm pretty sure I fell asleep on my knees last night because I barely remember waking up and rolling into bed...which meant I didn't turn my alarm clock on...oops! Sis Balero and I accidently slept in until 7:30am on accident...but it felt like our usual time 6:30am....but we just didn't set our alarm because both of us were soooo pooped! Sis Balero is fighting a cold as well so I felt really bad for her that she worked that hard and was sick! We've repented for sleeping in....maybe God let us do it on purpose because he knew how exhausted we were.
    But good news! We put two new people on date for baptism this week! They are this golden couple named the H, and they are part Native American and SO GOLDEN! They have already been reading their scriptures, and going to church, and super faithful! They have two kids under 2 years old and they are a great family! So that boosted my spirits that I could do that on my own with Sis Balero! Also this week we surpassed all our goals by a bunch! It was AWESOME! last night while we were sending them in I was kept being like "Whoa! We got way more than our goal for that one...whoa! That goal too!...WOW! We passed that goal TOO!" So it was good to know all my stress and hard work paid off!
      I love you all to death and hope all is going well! I pray for you every day! If I forgot to tell you anything, then I will write you soon! LOVE YOU ALL!
Love forever,
Sister Lenise Diane Volmer 

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