Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Old and New in Orem

One year ago in Orem- now back there again!
Dear Family,
     Another week in the life of a sister missionary in the Utah Provo mission :) I can't believe how I forgot how entirely different Orem is from Roosevelt. It's almost like being on a different mission. But it's good. I'm really liking it. It's been hard finding people to teach and you have to get out of your comfort zone a lot more here, but it's very gratifying work. Every day when I get home we are just pleasantly exhausted....and sometimes just down right exhausted.  But it's been a good feeling. I really like riding my bike! It makes me feel good and I feel like I have more energy.

      Sis Wicker is awesome! I love her and we have a lot of fun. I think she enjoys laughing at me the most. She is such a good missionary and very obedient and we work really hard together and have some big ambitions for this area and how we want to build it up. You should see our wall, it's covered in maps and goals and kind of makes me feel like a spy and secret agent :)
     This week has been busy with lots of contacting and knocking doors. Wednesday we got to see Meet the Mormons! It was great! We got to watch a pre showing of it at the stake center because we are not allowed to go to the actual theatre and they don't want us proselytizing right outside the theatre. They don't want people to feel obligated or pressured when they go, so they just had us watch it on our own so we could discuss it with people later when they wanted to talk with us about it! I loved all of it! I think they need to make more of them! I love how they broke down the stereo types and gave a fresh new view of what we are really like and how diverse we are! I especially liked the last story about the convert missionary mom. We are working with a woman I've told you about before named R who has gone through pretty much the exact same thing as the woman in the movie has and her son just turned 8 and got baptized. We told her that in 10 years that would be her :)
     Thursday we had zone training meeting and read and discussed Elder Jörg Klebingat's talk from the Saturday afternoon session of general conference! (That one was my all-time favorite!) It was fun to meet more of my new zone and I'm pretty excited. They seem like a lot of fun. I already love my new district. It's literally three sets of sisters and then one set of elders as the district leader. We call our district leader the relief society president! Haha! Our district leader is pretty cool and his name is Elder Guthrie. He's from Florida and reminds me a lot of Josh Peterson.  The other Elder is Elder Hill and he was serving in Mexico before going home for health reasons. When he got better they sent him back out, but sent him here to Utah where he wouldn't get sick. He's cool too and they are both nice and like to have a good time. I've made a good friend with one of the sisters in my new district named Sis Carey! She is super fun and cute and came out a transfer after me but goes home the same time I do. She was also companions with Sis Jones right after me. It's been fun getting to see a bunch of people I knew from last time I was here and getting to know them better!
     Ok, so something made me super know my first baptism B, from here?  Well he hasn't been going to church AT ALL!! And I ran into him on the street and asked if we could come visit him and help him get back to church and he said yes and told us to come by last Monday at 8. When we got there he wasn't home! I then tried to Facebook him, and he had blocked me!!! Grrrr I've been  super determined to call him out and get him to church.
     We also made cookies for all our bishops this week to try and strengthen our relationship with them. The better your relationships with members, the more likely you will get referrals! So we've been working hard on doing that! We had something really awesome happen on Friday! We got a random phone call from an unknown number and it was a  calling and saying she wanted the lessons because she felt like it was about time for her to be a member!!! When we got her name, number, and address and set up an apt, & hung up Sis Wicker and I were jumping up and down squealing like little girls! Haha! We met her on Saturday.  She is British and hilarious and spunky. She is blonde and had bright red lipstick on. She is married to a member who is less active. Obviously, we are very excited to work with her.  When they come to us we feel so blessed.
Lenise is making people happy by spreading the gospel.

     I've been thinking about Peter a lot this week. He was Christ's right hand man while He was on the earth and yet he went through a lot of trials, had a lot of weaknesses, and messed up a lot. It gives me comfort that even if I mess up and stumble, I can still be a disciple of Christ. He was rebuked multiple times and strove to do his best. If we strive to overcome our challenges like he did we can become like he was later. He was known as "Peter the Rock" and went about preaching the gospel to multiple nations alike and dying in his cause. I often think of the story in Mathew 14 when Christ was walking on water in the middle of a storm and Peter saw him from the ship and wanted to walk out on the water to meet him. I think of all the times I've wanted to do amazing hard and substantial things to prove my love for my Savior like Peter did in that moment. And yet when he saw the waves and the winds he feared and began to sink. I have done the same...when I see the trials and they seem to overcome me I feel like I'm sinking and reaching out and crying out for my Savior to help me... And he does...but not without saying "oh Ye of little faith, wherefore didst though doubt?" I need to have trust in The Lord that he can mold me into who I need to be. It reminds me of a song I've hear on the mission that goes "why do we only remember the sun, after the rain starts pouring down? We take it for granted until it is gone, then say to The Lord Rescue me now. I'm wading through water that's rising fast, and these dark clouds are gathering speed. Just when I feel I'm not going to last, I look through the clouds to the refuge I need. Lords, let this storm, bring me closer to you, please help me break through this, Lord help me see; letting fear flood my heart just drowns me. No matter how many hard things I'm called to endure, of one thing I am always sure: I'll be closer to you."
     I love you all and hope you are having a good week! :) The church is true
Sister Lenise Diane Volmer

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