Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Orem

Keeping a "leg up' on the situation.
Dearest family....
Well...this week has been an adventure...
     First things first. I'm getting transferred again...and so is Sis Wicker....yup. We are getting white washed and elders are coming in to take our place... We were totally shocked...there are so many people here that we feel we are not done working with yet and we are a little scared to hand over our sister-friendly area to  Elders...we have to write detailed instructions about everyone and our schedule and everything. Which also means handing over our newly formed Preach My Gospel class. Gah this is going to be a load of work. I'm scared to leave R and Sis H and the other struggling people who we have finally gotten to trust us...not to mention cleaning out our whole apartment. So we shall see what the next adventure will be...I will hopefully post it on facebook.
      Earlier this week was really boring...but that's mainly because Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday Sis Wicker was really sick. Monday we played games as a district (including one called Heads Up. It's hilarious!) and then the next day I stayed in all day and I was so bored I started what I declared opposition snow flake...about a third of our apartments walls are covered in homemade snowflakes....when you aren't sick and you have to stay in anyways...it's interesting... But I was able to go to one lesson with our senior couple, Sis Mendenhalls and I went and taught some recently returned members who had been on a cruise in Russia for the last month...they showed us part of their trip video which included a lot of vodka drinking by the other passengers...awkward...but it went well! We were able to turn the topic back to missionary work. Wednesday was a bit better and we were able to go out and work.  
     Thursday was mostly work work work as well. We got to go to an auxiliary training and then Friday we had a zone training meeting that was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. We took some crazy pictures...I will send them...I epically photo bombed some of the elders...I'll show you... ;)
     We had a district lunch Friday as well. We had fun with the sisters there and we convinced them that Sis Wicker has multiple boyfriends waiting for her at home...haha props to Sis W!  Haha! We then had weekly planning...which not gonna lie we were pretty discouraged during because all of our lessons were falling through and we had zero investigators...and then out of nowhere a guy called us and said that he had three new girls move into his downstairs apartment who wanted to learn about the gospel and be baptized! Ah! Tender mercy...even if I don't get to meet them...good for the elders! I had to say a prayer and repent after that for being negative... :)
     Friday night R got out of the hospital! Yay! And later we went to help this young mom clean her house because she was moving the next day and had back problems. So we had fun scrub-a-dubbing and chatting with her. Bathroom cleaning skills come in handy...just saying... Saturday our Preach My Gospel class was awesome! We had 23 people there and some great discussions! I'm sad we won't be able to continue that because it was going so well! The elders should be able to if we give them extensive instructions. We are writing in detail letters to them about the individuals here we work with.
      Sunday was long. Lots of all day church meetings...but I do love primary programs...they are so cute and hilarious! We met with M again, the one I told you about who wouldn't read his scriptures. The lesson went well until Sis Wicker had to be blunt with him about the fact that if he didn't read his scriptures he wasn't keeping commitments and thus not progressing and repenting....yeah...we got a text later that night from him telling us he was done with lessons and to have a good life. Sometimes I think having texting as a missionary doesn't help us much but maybe the new elders will be able to reconnect with him. I sure hope so. We went and helped R last night too. 

Saying goodbye to her Orem district makes Lenise sad, fun group!
     So that's about it...life goes on...I have to start packing today and we have a journal signing part in a few minutes I have to go to say goodbye to my district. Sad :(  I really liked my new district.
     You are all in my prayers and I hope you are doing well! Tell Kelsy to
get well soon! And stop taking so many drugs! (Kelsy just had shoulder surgery- she's on pain meds)
Love and miss you!

Sister Lenise Diane Volmer

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