Monday, March 2, 2015

Work, work, work!

March 2, 2015
Dearest Family and friends....
     Well I have been informed that the cat is out of the bag now that my flight plans have been sent
Waterfall hike
out! Haha. Yup!!! I got accepted to BYU spring term and I will be coming home April 2nd! Crazy!!! That is so so crazy for me! Sis Robertson keeps reminding me that a moth from today I will being going home and I can't wrap my mind around it. And though I am so so so stoked to have gotten into BYU, I am so so so sad that my mission is drawing to a close. But I'm ready to work my guts out these next four weeks and make each moment count! It's going to be a good month of being a missionary! 
      So for starters this email is going to be all over the place at the beginning. My final testimony will be March 18th in Provo at 7pm. The address is on the facebook event, and all those family members who live in Utah are welcome to come! Same with friends. 
    Saturday I checked my email on my iPad and saw the news that I had gotten into BYU. We started cheering and jumping up and down and Sis Robertson kept saying "you’re going to college! You is smart!!!" Haha it was a happy day!!

     Last Monday was super fun because the aspen zone all got together and we went hiking to this waterfall that was a lot of fun! It was a little cold, but overall it was good to talk with everyone and have a grand old time! I love that zone, we have so much fun! It was cool to watch some rock climbers repel down the waterfall. Tuesday was a crazy day. I went on exchanges with one of the sister, named Sis Edstrom and she is super cute and a hard worker....we had a super awkward moment though, when we mixed up the address for our appointment and our dinner address...we pulled up to this huge house and were like "whoa." The address said the apt was in a downstairs apartment so we ended up going through this huge gate and walking around to the back of the house where there was a downstairs sliding glass door but the room through the door did not look like an apartment...and then there was this huge Great Dane barking at us the whole time which was
Cristal's Baptism
terrifying...and then their teenage son came out on the balcony and saw two creepers in has back yard...haha when he realized we were missionaries he got this huge grin on his face and we were so embarrassed....we met his mom and realized that we were at where we would be having dinner later, which was so awkward because that meant we would be going back! Haha it was a good exchange and after we switched we had Cristal's baptism! She is they super cute Philippine woman I told you about who looks twelve because she is so small! Her baptism was probably one of the most spiritual I have ever been to! There are no words to describe the love that filled the room. You could just feel how proud of her God was, she glowed! I sang Come Unto Christ, and I thought I would cry! She got up to bare her testimony and it was so cute, she said "I never thought I would say this... But I am so proud to say that I am a Mormon!" Haha it was a wonderful wonderful baptism!
     Thursday was another exchange with a sister in a Spanish area named Hermana Villegas. She is half Hispanic but you would never know it because of her light skin and hair. She is gorgeous and has only been out a transfer and a few weeks, and she is such a strong missionary and a power house! I am getting pretty good at comprehension when listening to conversations in Spanish, but after that day I was exhausted and my brain hurt! Haha! 
Nametag art!
     Friday was busy with lots of district training meetings. We seriously had Costa Vida 5 times this week.  That is where everyone wanted to go, and member dinners too.  To much FOOD! Friday night we saw a miracle! It was splendid! We were in an apartment complex and one of our appointments fell through (which happens rather regularly...) and we decided that before leaving the apartment complex we should pray to see if God needed us there for someone else before we moved on. Sis Robertson noticed lights on in a certain apartment and so we went to try it out! Turns out the lady who answered the door was a recently returning to activity and had just received her recommend to do proxy baptisms in the temple. She was so happy to see us and said we were an answer to her prayer. Her husband just happens to not be a member (you don't stumble across those every day in Utah!) and she wanted him to start the missionary lessons! It was super cool! The spirit really does guide and lead us to those who are prepared for the gospel! I am so thankful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost in my life. God knows what he is doing. That's for sure. His hand is so evident in this work. I see it in the face of Amanda who only has a few months to live and who still smiles and fights to be married and get baptized because she knows how important it is. I see it in the face of Damien who wants his older missionary brother to baptize him as his last baptism of his mission. I see it in the faces of Hazel and Annika, two twin girls who globe when showing us their baptism dresses and explained to us the importance of Christ's example to us through baptism. I see it in the faces of Alex and his wife Lashae who have a dream of an eternal family and are working together to achieve it. These people, they radiate the light of Christ and I find so much love for the gospel through them and their dedication. I love this. Every aspect, every piece of this missionary work....I love it all. It's such a part of me and it is becoming a necessary part of me like breathing. Loving people...even if it's a set of sister missionaries who refuse to get along and I have to help...I see it in them too. 
    This gospel is true. 
    I love you all to the moon and back! Miss you and see you soon.
Love Sister Lenise Diane Volmer

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