Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I spoke in Stake Conference! Then got transferred.

We live in the house behind my head, in the basement.
What a view!

Dearest Family,                                                                  
    I'm getting transferred. SAD! :( I found out this morning when president called. I leave Wednesday morning. Sis A is staying here and training another new missionary again.  She's been training for the last four transfers and it's exhausting. But it will be good. I'll miss her a ton!!! She has taught me so much! It will be weird to not have her around anymore... When you are with someone 24/7 for three months straight...it's weird to think you won't be with them anymore. I have to get used to a whole new person....weird.  So don't send letters to my current address anymore. Send them to the mission office until I can get you guys my new address. 
     Also, thank you so much for all the pictures from new years with the white board!!!! They were awesome! They made me smile and I hung them up all around my desk so I could see your funny messages    and faces every day. It has been such a day-brightener! 
     Tell Chantel THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for the coco cough! It has helped and I am finally not sick anymore! When I found it outside my door it made me laugh. It's crazy how close some family is here even though some days it feels like you are all forever away!                                                                                                      
     Last Monday was a rough day. It was the day after we talked to the atheist and Sis A and I were still pretty shaken up. We went to the H's home (Bro H was our ward mission leader and is now a bishop.) We love it there and both of us feel comfortable and at home and open with them. It's the only place I feel like I can really relax. They let me sing there and we sit around and crack jokes. Their kids are awesome. K is 22 and has some special needs but I have a blast quoting Disney movies with her and her dad. And then there is B who is 14. He's adopted & is SO funny. And then there is Lauren who is Riley's age and she dresses like a model! haha!  Bishop H gave us a lot of counsel and really helped answer our questions. It was really rough on Sis. A. But then Bishop H gave us blessings. It was such an inspired blessing. He was so in tune with the spirit. He addressed absolutely everything that I was struggling with and reassured me in so many ways. He couldn't have known. I just sat there and cried while he gave me the blessing. I love that family so much. His wife M is amazing too. She drives us everywhere and makes sure we are ok. I want to stay in contact with their family for a long time :)
     This last Wednesday Sis A got sick with a fever so we were inside all day long. I was finally healthier but she was in bed freezing so I organized pictures, wrote letters, and studied for lessons while she slept and tried to get better. There were a lot of people praying for us, because by the next day she was doing a lot better! It was amazing! 
     The rest of the week was pretty un-eventful. Just the usual lessons and such.
I spoke yesterday at stake conference...that was fun...haha not really. I was super nervous. But I need to repent because President McCune is always telling us not to be afraid. It went well. I spoke around 10 my time, so 9 your time, so yes mom you did end up praying right around the time I spoke! So thanks! I can't remember it very well...it's all kind of a blur....haha. I'll have to send you my talk later.  
I finally learned to eat with chopsticks!
     I 'm dreading trying to shove everything into my suitcase again!  But today for p-day, the sisters are getting together and doing a clothes swap, so that should be fun. I need to go to the apartment and go through my stuff.  I'm kind of nervous about a new companion, but oddly enough I think I'm ready for some change. Wish me luck!
     I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for you! I'm so thankful for all the support and letters. Especially over the last few weeks, I've really needed them. Sorry this letter is pretty lame...not much to report....But I still love the Savior and I love the Lord and I love my mission and I love you all. This week has been inspiring when it comes to hastening the work. I love this experience. I will write you ASAP with my new address and tell you all about my new area. Next week’s email will be epically long.                                                                           
I love you all!
Sister Lenise Diane Volmer

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