Monday, February 24, 2014

Random week

Dear Family,
Holy Moly, crazy random week.
    So this week has been really weird! It's been like 60ish degrees all week and super windy! I would have sent a picture of me in the wind but it wouldn't upload off my iPad for some reason...I'll try next week for sure. But seriously Sis Jones and I have been joking about tanning. This is nuts, especially for here in Roosevelt. Spring is definitely coming early.
Lenise and her friends passed around "Henry" before their missions
She found him in a Walmart and had to say Hi!
    This week, on Tuesday I went on exchanges with the STL's, which meant I got to spend a day and night in Vernal with Megan Nielsen :) It was so much fun! It was just like old times, and I loved it! She actually took me tracting for the first time on my mission. It was super fun and we mostly talked the whole time we did it and caught up. She is an amazing missionary and I learned so much from her! She still loves to write like I do and we had fun swapping ideas. I went out contacting members with her too and we shared a spiritual message with them to promote missionary work.
     This week was also Zone Conference on Friday. It was super good. I always love learning from President McCune! It was kind of intense though...some of the missionaries haven't really been being very obedient in some areas, it's been hard. My district hasn't really liked following the rules about not eating out together a lot, so this week Sis Jones and I had to stand up for the rules and we ended up leaving our distract when they tried to trick us into all showing up at a restaurant at the same time on "accident." I was pretty ticked that they were being so rebellious about it, especially after they had been warned so many times.
     Other than that, life is great! I really don't have very much to report this week...We have 7 people on date for baptism next month...So I'm super stoked about that!! 4 of them are scheduled for the same that will be pretty crazy! This week I've been getting hurt a lot...haha. Sis Jones dropped a chair on the back of my heel on Friday on accident, and I thought I had snapped my Achilles tendon it hurt so bad!!! But nope it is just super bruised...and then yesterday Sis Jones accidently slammed the screen door on the back of my other heel and cut it open. haha I felt really bad for her. But we were running late and I started bleeding all over my tights... so I shoved a tissue down my tights and walked around with bloody tight for the rest of the day. It was an adventure. 
    I've been doing a ton of letter writing this week. And missionary work. 
    Life this week has been pretty anticlimactic. Besides the drama going down with our district and the fun time I had with Megan.
   We also met with a lot of less actives this week...     So, there is this family that we are working with and the whole family is active except the dad. But, recently, he started coming to church! He has a hard time coming to church because he hurt his back really bad and it is hard for him to sit in the pews for too long. He also normally takes a lot of medicine to help him through church, too. But, we had a lesson with him last Friday and it went really well! He is normally really quiet, but we had a lesson focused completely on the atonement, and he spoke a lot, opened up a lot, and told us his goals.  He wants to be sealed to his family more than anything and he is willing to do anything for it! I am honored to be able to work with such a family!
     We had an awesome experience with a less-active lady yesterday. She has the desire to come back to church, but she is really scared to come back because she feels like she won't be accepted because of the things she has done in the past. So, she had work off on Sunday, but was too scared to go to church. But, later that night, she texts us saying that there is a fireside that night that she was invited to, and she was currently in the parking lot, and wanted us to help her to get the courage to go in. So, we texted our appointment, that was going to start in 5 minutes, telling them we were going to be late, turned around and went to help. We walked in the building together and poked our heads in the room, and the only open seats were in the front, and she didn't want to sit in the front at all. So, after a little of whispering to each other, a man walked out and invited her in and set up a chair next to him. It was so awesome! She went in and we said goodbye and left. Then after the fireside she texted us back saying that she loved the fireside. Then she texted, "Do you think if I can get enough courage to go to church I would feel the same as at that meeting tonight" And we texted her back saying, YES! We testified of how church can help us and we can feel that feeling that she felt at the meeting: the Holy Ghost. It was awesome. She told us she maybe will come next time she has Sunday off from work, but we will hopefully make sure that she does!
     It was a great week.
    I hope you know how strong my testimony is. It has definitely been strengthened this week. I love the work. I don't know how I haven't been a missionary my entire life, I love it! I feel new, I feel different, I feel really happy. I love you all and miss you all so much! Keep writing! It makes all the difference for me!
Love you loads and HOORAH FOR ISRAEL! Miss you!
Sister Lenise Diane Volmer


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