Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I love the Roosevelt people!


Dear Family!
    Well, this week has been loco crazy! I'm loving it here in Roosevelt! My district is a lot of fun! They like to go on adventures and laugh a lot. They are crazy and have funny ideas and love to get everyone going. It's a lot of fun at meetings. You'd think we'd be distracted a lot, but really our district and our area is the highest baptizing area and the highest teaching area and the one with the best true fellowshipping. 

     The District Leader Elders are on the Ute Indian reservation, and apparently there are a lot of local legends up there. Lots of scary stories they like to tell us. Just like how back home we have the baby graves, the Finely Ghost, and gravity hill and stuff. But here one of the legends is called the Water Babies. But people like to make up stories. The elders try to scare us… but didn't.   The elders tried to convince us that someone found a water baby scull. And we said "How do you know it was a water baby scull?" and they just said "It was wet..."  haha

Petting or teaching the pony?
   Some other funny things happened this week!
   We are over two old-folks homes and this last Tuesday we went to one to do service. We visit a few of the residence there. We went to go paint some of the elderly ladies nails and I was with Miss A. She's this hilarious 97 year old lady. She kept telling me stories about how she met her husband at a party and he was with another girl, and how he liked her because she had a good figure back then. When she said that she would giggle behind her hand while I laughed. We also teach this older man there who was in WWII and he talks about how he fought in Japan and how at one point there were a lot of dead Japanese soldiers in white boxes in the back of a truck in their camp and they stole some! And then they put them under other soldier’s beds as a prank!! He was just laughing and laughing and I just sat there so appalled! Sis J laughed at my reaction a lot because she was used to his war stories. Another older lady we visit is Virginia. She is 97 too. She's super stubborn and says "I'm not religious, I'm reverent!"  But she likes to sing us songs. The other day I sang to her and she seemed to like that a lot because she just stopped and got all quiet and listened. She usually likes to talk over us, so that was a change!
     A lot of our appointments fell through this week, especially yesterday during the Super Bowl! We had to do a lot of backup plans. It snowed a lot earlier this week and Elders M and M got stuck on their way home and almost had to stay the night in their jeep. We were fine, but a guy in the next stake over got in a bad accident and died, so everyone around town has been really sad about it because he was really well known and a good LDS guy.
     Keanu's baptism was yesterday and it went really well. He's a wiggly 9 year old kid and wanted to play the whole time but when the talks were being given he was a good listener. The water in the font got cold really fast, so we felt bad that he had to get baptized in the cold water! Right after he got dunked, he jumped right out of the water and climbed the steps really fast saying "That is SO cold! I'm out of here!"

Keanu survives cold water.
Lenise gets companion that will sing duets with her.
     Sister J, my new companion and I get along great! We both love to sing to our church CD’s in the car. We try and harmonize when we can find one we both know well enough. She's super into science and Biology and so when we found a huge spider in our bath-tub she wouldn't let me kill it! She got it in a cup and let it go outside! I just wanted it to die...a spider that big shouldn't be allowed to live! :) The little dog that our land-lady has keeps pooping on the carpet which makes Sis B, our land lady, upset! But he's doing better now, but we still close our bedroom door every morning to make sure he can't get in there and get in our stuff.
     Thank you so much for the Valentines’ package! I loved it! And thank you for the letters! They have been great! I'm hoping to catch up on letters this week if I have time! But we have so much more work to do out here! A special shout-out to Sharee for her card she sent. She shared the poem "Stick to the task" that dad and grandpa quote. I hadn't heard it before and was surprised that it seemed so familiar to her. Well it helped out a lot! Ask her to recite it for you! I wrote it out and put it up on my wall. It went perfect with the talk I've been reading recently. It's called "Cast Not away therefore your confidence" By Jeffery R. Holland. If you haven't read it yet... then read it! It is really good and went well with the poem she sent. I'll be writing Riley back soon! Let her know! I've received a few from her and need to catch up! I love you all to pieces! Let me know how things are going back home and any news! Bishop Merkley (new move in right before Lenise left)....I don't remember him...but I bet he'll do great! (Lenise’s Dad just got released as Bishop) I know this gospel is true and I've loved sharing it with the people of Roosevelt! The Lord lifts us and watches over us. My favorite scripture recently is 1 Nephi 21:16. It really describes the Saviors sacrifice for us and His role in our trials. I love you and miss you and pray for you all every single day. Keep up the good work!
Love Forever,
Sister Lenise Diane Volmer

Kelsy you are almost 18...go out with the sister missionaries! Even before your 18 go with them! Mom you should do splits with them too! Get a taste of what it's like being me! :) Love you! 

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