Thursday, May 22, 2014

Roosevelt Rocks!

All those years with a snake in the house
made her a brave missionary to hold
a boa.


Dearest Family,
Well another crazy week! 
     As I've become aware, the song that Sis Balero and I recorded on monday has already been spread like wild fire, due to mom's efforts. Haha! I got an email from Garrett saying he had a download of it...and I was like "WHAT? We don't even have a copy of it yet! How on earth!?" so yeah. Glad you all liked it :) We sing it almost every single week in sacrament meetings. We wanted to record for mother’s day and we got an extra nudge when a lady from one of the wards we sang it in (who became obsessed with our performance of it) had her sister die. Her daughter called us and said that she hadn't been able to stop talking about the song since we had sang it and asked if we could record it for her. We had already been planning on it, so we buckled down and called up Bro R. He's a counselor in the Bishopric in the Roosevelt 8th ward. He's awesome! And such a good singer and guitarist! I LOVE their family and its super fun to see them!
     This week has been random... But good. We almost met our goals this week, but barely fell short! Dang! But oh well, life goes on, and it isn't all about the numbers. I love the people here. I just do. I love Roosevelt, it Rocks!
     By the way!!! Transfer calls are coming on MONDAY!!! Roosevelt has become my second home and I love the people here so much. After three transfers here I wonder if I’ll be moved.
      So on Wednesday we invited some less actives and investigators to go to a local free concert with us. It was by Daniel Beck and Jessie Funk (Two AMAZING LDS vocalists!) We had one investigator show up, but it was amazing! If you haven't heard them sing before, do it! They were fantastic! He had such a stellar voice! I was blown away. I'd heard Jessie Funk before and she did amazing like usual :)
         Remember that stomach ache I had before I left on my mission that one time, and we went to the Dr, and everything?  Then I didn’t ever have it again until this Saturday.  I was in a lot of pain. And it kind of freaked Sis Balero out. But there was nothing I could do. I barely made it to my bed before all I could do was lay there and try not to move and relax but nothing made it stop hurting. It went a way a little after taking medicine, but I was still in pain. I was trying to stay positive. But what we figured out really fast is that if I laughed or sneezed it made it worse...Then we remembered a story from the John Bytheway CD we listen to, where John donated a kidney to his brother and they were both in the hospital in a lot of pain and they found out that laughing hurt, so they would try to make each other laugh! John's brother would say "Hey John! Love your guts!" and they would start laughing then be in a lot of pain! So I started thinking of that and then laughing and then being like "Stop! NO! I can't laugh!" 
     But yeah. So we called the District Leader and they came and gave me a blessing. Elder Davis is our district leader and he's the best! He gave me a blessing, and it was so inspired. Not only did he give it to heal me but he said some things in my blessing that were exactly what I needed to hear. I love the priesthood. It is so powerful and so inspired. I'm so thankful to have it in my life and I respect it so much. 
     My whole mission, instead of getting angry, or mad, or snapping, or becoming sad at something someone says to me that's negative or cynical or criticizing, I've been working on repeating to myself "God knows my heart." He does. He knows when I'm being falsely accused. He knows when others are being unfair or mean to me, or just making me feel like dirt for not living up to things or expectations. And believe me that happens a lot on the mission.  And instead of being mean back or talking back or retaliating, I've begun to repeat that one little thing in my head "God knows my heart."
     And I was so surprised when those exact words came out of Elder Davis's mouth. "God knows your heart. He knows your efforts and He is aware of you." It just hit me. God really knows me. He knows me so well and He knows every single tiny detail.
     He also knows those same things for everyone I teach. Forgetting yourself is so easy when you feel his love and appreciation for everyone you teach. I love being a missionary. I love loving these people and sharing the gospel and helping them realize who they are and what they can have through faith in the gospel. 
     I love you all and thanks for all you do! Shout out to Kayla for hand-writing out palates for me to do with little hand drawn pictures! And thanks for the Care package! Yes it's true! I'm 7 months out now. In just July I will be at my half way point...weird...
     Well I love you and pray for you! Miss you!
Sister Lenise Diane Volmer
Pain went away and I was able to work later that day. I'm all good now!

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