Friday, August 22, 2014

9 months in Roosevelt- Yes!!

Staying in Roosevelt w/Sis. McMurray
Dearest family....
    Well this week has been a really good one!  First things first! I'm staying yet another transfer in the Roosevelt West stake! Yayayayayay! I'm so happy! I love it here so much! I'm going to be a mess when I finally leave! Sis McMurray is staying also! Which I'm also really stoked about because I really love her! She is so easy to get along with and we just mesh really well....I might have said this before but we are seriously on the same brain wave. She gets it and she gets me. So I'm so happy that I get to keep her! I also get to stay here for my birthday! Yayayay! Happy birthday
to me! This will be my sixth transfer in the area so I will have spent nine months here by the end of it....haha half my mission in Roosevelt. Love it!
    So let's start with Monday of last week.....we had a zone activity...and it was soooooo much fun! But I never anticipated the after effects! We started out playing dodge ball but it wasn't very fun because everybody got out super-fast and we would have to re-line up all the balls on the center line over and over and over again. So Sis McMurray announced we should play slaughter ball which is like dodge ball only it's every man fire himself. You throw balls at everyone around you and if you get hit you have to sit down until the person who hit you gets out, then you can get back up and keep playing. It was really intense and people started forming alliances. You would get one person out and suddenly a whole flock of people would bounce back up and start firing at you! We played it for a good two and a half hours! We were all really tired and none of us thought about the fact that we were squatting up and down so much....until it hit us two hours thighs were SO SORE! I would forget in the morning and swing my legs over the side of my bed and then be like "holy cow!" Haha! And when we walked Into our district meeting Elder Hernandez was like "are you guys sore?!" And we said "yes! So much!" And they were all in the same boat. 
     Monday night we went and had a lesson with D and the M's. We taught him about the anti-Nephi-Lehi's  and how they buried their weapons of rebellion. I don't know if you've ever watched the Mormon message "the sting of the scorpion" but it's based on that same talk and we shared different segments from that talk. Then after talking about the weapons of rebellion we talked about how our sins are like our weapons of rebellion. Then we all drew swords. My sword is pretty gnarly! We then wrote down a sin that we wanted to give up right then on our weapon of rebellion and then we went out back into the M's yard and dug hole in the garden and cast our swords there like the anti-Nephi-Lehi’s and it was awesome. We were there when we found out Robin Williams died. That was pretty sad :(
     Wednesday afternoon we were super busy running all over the place to all our lessons. We did really well with our goals this week which made me happy because the last few weeks have been blah. We had quite a bit of rain again this week but this weekend the heat has picked back up. I don't really mind though. I love it in the evenings here in the country. 
     Friday we went and saw the H’s We talked to them about the word of wisdom again and just how it blesses our lives and they're both doing really good at it. Their poor dogs  had porcupine quills in their muzzles which was really sad. We had fun playing with their son J and daughter G.
      Saturdays in the mission field are seriously really hard because nobody wants to see us. Especially at the end of summer, everybody is out of town and it's hard to find people to teach. So we texted around and asked people if they needed service and Summer Wilda said that she had some for us to do so we went over to the Wilda’s house. We had a lot of fun at the Wilda’s house doing some crafts for Summer. She is a really crafty person and likes to decorate her house with different things from Pinterest but because of her small children and her recent baby she hasn't been able to so she pretty much did laundry while we made a book wreath out of pages from an old book and little puff pom-pom ball things that are super cute but I don't really know what they're called. We were like "why don't we clean and do laundry and you make the stuff!" But she said it stressed her out when other people cleaned her house and we would be doing her a lot more service if we just made the wreath and balls for her.

     Today for Pday we are going to the bowling alley to sign journals and play sour patch bowling. Sour patch bowling is really fun because with all the different colors of sour patch kids you have to bowl a different way according to the color that you picked out of the bag. I'm just really glad I don't have to pack today. Also tonight for dinner we’re going over to Dusty's
We sent Lenise's Birthday box early in case
she got she has to wait for the 25th
 and he's making me an early birthday dinner! He said that he would make me back straps and rice my favorite especially since it's what we ate at home all the time. And fruit. I've become obsessed with fruit...He's also said that he's going to make me a homemade ice cream cookie cake! Yay! He's the best! I hope you can meet him some day!
     Life is good. I love being a missionary. I know you have heard both sides of the spectrum from me: the ups and the downs, but it really is worth it. I hit my ten month mark last week and it hit me how fast my mission is going by...I wish it would slow down. No matter how hard this experience can be at times, I love it so much. It has made me so happy and I love being me because i get to be a missionary! I love you all so much I hope you're feeling better especially those who have been sick this week. I hope you guys have a fun last week of summer and do a lot of fun stuff before you are enslaved at school. Also has Sharee had her baby yet!!!? Let me know as soon as possible!! You better send pictures and everything! I love all of you to the moon and back and miss you guys! Talk to you next week on my birthday!
Love forever,
Sister Lenise Diane Volmer

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