Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference is the Mormon SuperBowl and Lenise has picked her team!

Dear Family,
Her Dad's favorite thing is his Mom's rice
pudding - she says she's never had it!
Yup.  Long week.  Shall I tell you about it?  Yup.  I shall.
So I shall start at the beginning of the week.
     So, not gonna lie. We got canceled on again...every. single. day. Yup, but alas this week shall be very busy and we won't have prime teaching time taken over by conference and temple trips!
    So this Tuesday, random thought moment. There is this amazing girl named Misty who goes out to lessons with us all the time. She is our age, has bright red hair, and is hilarious! I'm pretty sure we'd be great friends and hang out a lot if I wasn't doing missionary work. But she's working on her mission papers right now. So Tuesday we went to her house to find a new book to read at the old folks home that we do service at (the one we've been reading is sooooo boring and has the lamest plot line in the world!) and while we were over there we saw this funny looking rice on their kitchen counter. So I asked what it was...then they made me EAT IT! It was rice with cinnamon and sugar on it and raisins and milk...It tasted funky, and kind of like oatmeal, but I ate it anyways. Yeah. Random. Whatever. See the pics!
     Then this Thursday we had a zone temple trip! Which was amazing. I love the temple. I love it I love it I love it so much! And I felt really blessed that we got to go every two weeks!...until when the session was over, the zone leaders gathered us all around and informed us that that was our last time at the temple for the next three months. They changed the policy so that now we can only go every quarter of a year and just with our companionships...We were all really sad.  
     But while in Vernal we are allowed to go shopping at Walmart! So we got supplies to make General Conference T-Shirts! Mine was EPIC! I sent pictures, but mine has a picture of Jeffrey R Holland on the front and says "Team Jeffrey R Holland" and then a picture of Dieter F Uchtdorf on the back and says "Team Dieter F. Uchtdorf" and then on the sleeve it has a small picture of President Monson and says "Pres Monson is #1" it was awesome... I shall wear it always!
The Mormon Super Bowl is General Conference
And she has picked her team!
     So Saturday morning for conference we watched it Glenda's house with our new recent converts, Robert and Remo. It was a bunch of fun, and we kept trying to get them to pay attention to the talks. I think Robert got more out of it than Remo...but Robert is 15 and Remo is 9, so that's normal...I loved Holland's talk about the sister missionary and defending our beliefs... so true in our world today, it is only going to get worse. I also loved Elder Andersons talk to about trees and whirlwinds and how they just make us stronger.
     Saturday afternoon we went to the Smith's (This amazing less active family that has returned to activity and is taking temple prep classes!) They laughed a lot at our general conference t-shirts and we had a BBQ with them before conference. I loved Richard G. Scott's talk on helping others feel loved and introducing them to the gospel.
   So funny story! So we went to the stake center to meet the other sisters going to conference the next day so that they could travel to Provo that night and I could also meet up with Sis Christensen who would be my companion while Sis Balero was gone. So we walk in and we totally forgot it was priesthood session...and then I looked down at myself and realized I was wearing purple!!! (The color that the women protesting priesthood stuff were wearing!) We hid really quickly and were laughing really hard. We hid out in the mother’s lounge and listened to the priesthood session while waiting for the other sisters to show up! It was really good! I loved Elder Oaks talk, it was great!
     Then I got to hang out with Sis Christensen for a day! She is this super happy-all-the-time missionary who is really bubbly and pretty! She could talk your ear off but it was fun hearing all her stories and laughing with her. At night we talked a lot and she said she loved being a missionary because it was like a sleepover every night because she never got to do sleepovers when she was growing up, haha!
The next morning we went to one of the Stake presidency's house and watched conference with their family. They have this huge at-home theatre and we watched conference on a big screen! It was pretty cool. I think the Sunday morning session was my favorite! I loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk on gratitude during trials, and then I loved the talk by M. Russell Ballard on Following up! And I loved David A Bednar's talk on being happy even while carrying loads. 
    Then in the afternoon we went to the Felkins (This member family that helps us out a lot and goes out to lessons with us all the time.) We had fun playing conference bingo and throwing Jelly beans at the kids laying on the floor when they fell asleep. It was a good conference weekend.

     You know that song you sent me, called "His Hands". Well I've pretty much become obsessed with it lately and thinking about it a lot. I think a lot about the fact that because He can't be here, I am Christ's hands. I'm representing Him. And as that song talks about healing and lifting others and teaching and helping and pointing to heaven, I realize that that is what I'm trying to do. But when it talks about His hands being clasped in agony, pleading, bleeding in the garden ...and then other hands betraying Him... and then His hands trembling to carry the beam that he would be nailed to...and then his Mighty and gentle hands being pierced by the nails of made me realize that I need to be those hands too...willing to go through anything, willing to plead, bleed, and tremble in the work of bringing to pass God's great purpose of eternal life for His children. I have to be willing to go through trials, pain, and everything hard to make it possible for others to come unto Christ. And though my hands will never be tied with ropes and swollen, or pierced with nails, I still need to remember the sacrifice of those hands continually and let them lead and heal me so that I can lead and heal others in His name. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to be His hands. I love you and miss you all! I pray for you every day!

Love forever,

Sister Lenise Diane Volmer

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