Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's been one of those days....all week long.

Dear Family,
Where to begin... I have no clue
First time eating Cadbury eggs....the deprived missionaries.
     Last Monday was transfers, which you already know. But yeah. Elder Mateer got transferred to the Wasatch front, along with Sister Barden, and Elder Page our zone leader. So Monday afternoon we went bowling and signed journals. (Every transfer it's like the end of a school year and everyone gathers together and signs journals like yearbooks. It's actually kind of fun)
     Then Monday night we finally met up with the J family again after like a month! They are one of my favorite families that we teach and it was Sis Balero's first time meeting them. They are less active and want to make it to the temple and they have the cutest little kids. I always feel the spirit so strong when we go there and I feel like I'm really making a difference. Whenever I go to teach lessons at houses with little kids there I always get super emotional. The whole time I watch them I think "I want your parents to accept the gospel SO BAD so that you can be raised in the church and have a good and happy life..." It's the same for the R family I told you about. The husband L isn't a member but his wife is less active and they have a little boy named K who is one and he is SO cute! And every time I go over I just want to say "PLEASE be baptized so K can be raised in the church and have a father with the priesthood as an example!" Same goes for another family we are teaching called the Cleggs. They have a bunch of little boys and I'm teaching B who is 10 and T who is 8. They have another little brother who is six. They are so cute and so fun to play around with and tease. Their parents are great but have no drive to go to church and I just look at all their kids and wish they understood the blessings a temple marriage could bring their family and also how it would change their lives...
      We read once a week at the Villa, which is this old folk’s hospital place and all the patients there are great and funny! We started reading a new book called the Ultimate Gift (There is a movie based off of it that I loved!) and it is so good! Both Sis Balero and I can't wait until Tuesdays because then we can find out what happens next!
       We had a lot of cancelations again this week with it being Spring Break here and Easter weekend. 
       On Thursday we got to go to the temple, which was great!!!!!!! One of our Less Actives who I taught back with Sis Jones got to get sealed to her parents and husband so we were able to go and watch and it felt SO good to be able to go back into the temple again! I need that place! It makes me sad that don't get to go there as often any more.
Leslie & Lon,  Lenise has
been with them since day one.
Cattle blocking the road.  I don't think she got
too close.
      On Saturday was the Lon and Leslie Hackford’s Baptism! It was great and super spiritual! They are a missionary's dream come true! They are so golden and they are so faithful. Whenever we went over a new commandment it was always "So how soon can we start paying tithing?" or "Oh I heard about that before, so I stopped chewing and drinking coffee a few weeks ago." PERFECT MUCH?? Gosh I love them! They have two little toddlers who are hilarious and cute! Junior and Gentry.  Adorable! I felt so amazing watching them go under the water. I've been with them from day one, and I was the one who invited them to be baptized at their first lesson. So it was so humbling to be there and watch as they both entered the water and then got confirmed in church yesterday. They are in the Whiterocks branch on the reservation here in Roosevelt. The Ward Mission Leader Brother Crozier is a little older and super funny. He tells us lots of stories about Vietnam and stuff and his wife is a sweet heart. They take us out to dinner every once in a while. But He has been on fire lately finding us people to teach out there in WhiteRocks. Also it was funny because Friday he was like "Can you guys sing in church on Sunday for Easter" and we were like "Um...we only have three days’ notice and we need a pianist..." So he set up a pianist and got it all ready for us and we ended up singing Come Unto Christ for the WhiteRocks branch. It felt good to sing again. We are singing with our other Ward Mission leader's wife named Summer this upcoming Sunday and I'm super excited for that! 

Thanks Leisha!
      Oh crazy thing happened this week. So because I live in a hick town, I came over a hill on a back road and there was a ton of CATTLE in the road and they wouldn't move and they just stared at us... I was scared I would get rammed by them....
     Yesterday for Easter was CRAZY stressful. On holidays nobody wants to see us and we didn't have any lessons. We mostly visited different families and left the Because of Him Easter message with everyone. We had lunch at one of our fellowshipper’s home with her family and had fun watching the little kids Easter egg hunt. 

Visiting with Margie
      Shout out to Leisha for the Easter package that got here on Saturday!!!! I was super excited for the white chocolate bunny! Cool cakes! :) And some of those jelly beans tasted funny... I got one that tasted like popcorn and another that tasted like a green pepper....
          Well I hope you all had a fun Easter and felt the true spirit of Christ. I know I did. I know my Savior Lives and loves me so much. He is so mindful of us and aware. I love you all to death. I may have forgotten some things in this letter...I will try to remember later. I love you and miss you all! Thanks for all the letters and prayers.

Love forever,

Sister Lenise Diane Volmer
Note:  Lenise gets letters each week from Sharee, and Kayla just sent her some new earrings to change up her wardrobe choices. 

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