Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Never STOP loving!

The sign has been altered to say
"never STOP loving"

Dear Family.
Not much happened this week.  But still a lot happened.  If that makes any sense at all.
It does to me.
So, #1
It's true, It's true. My 6 month mark is this Wednesday. Wednesday the 16th. I'll have been out for a third of my mission...crazy. In some ways it seems like it has flown by soooooo fast. In others, I feel like it has dragged on forever. But it's true: that one myth that everyone talks about? The older you get, time seriously speeds up. Same goes for the mission. The longer you've been out , the shorter it feels! This last month flew by! And it only gets faster...Sis Balero tells me this all the time...and it kind of scares me. The longer I'm out, the more I never want my mission to end...I love you all, I really do.
So #2
No transfers for us! Yup! You heard right! Sis Balero and I are staying together for at least another 6 weeks in Roosevelt! This will officially become the area I have spent the most time in! (Well I've only ever been in just Orem and here...but still!) 
 Which means:
- we get to accomplish all of our silly side tasks on our mission bucket list.
- We can actually sing in sacrament meeting together in a few weeks!
- We can go on more adventures and birth more animals!!
- I can get back at her for all the times she has popped out of no-where and scared my skirt off! (Almost literally once!) 
- We will have an Easter egg hunt together on Easter!
- We will be able to talk to our families together on mother's day!
- And we shall BAPTIZE ALL THE ATHEISTS IN THE WHOLE WORLD.....(A sister missionary can dream
So yes. I'm stoked. This shall be stupendous!
But the phone kept going off this morning which scared us to death! So for transfers, they only call and tell you if you are being put in a leadership position (AP, ZL, DL, STL, or trainer) and then they post a list on our emails and we get it when we go to emails monday morning. Actual transfers don't happen until Wednesday, and they take place in a stake center right next to the Provo Temple. We gather there and they announce the transfers in the chapel. But no Provo trip for us!
So #3
The weather has been soooooo bi-polar!!! No joke. It was 75-80 degrees all week long! We even did weekly planning outside on friday and came back inside because we were getting too hot! and then this morning I woke up and guess what?? inch of snow. For reals. Make up your mind!!!! Geez!
Sore throat = no fun!
So #4
I've been super sick this week. Gah. Lame. I've had a slight cold and an ultra-bad sore throat that wouldn't leave me alone. I sucked on so many cough drops I think I got a few sores on my tongue...but yeah. Thursday night I stayed home while Sis Balero went on splits and I watched Legacy with Sis Brighton and wrote in my journal. Being sick as a sister missionary is the absolute WORST! You can't do anything and you feel so unproductive! Sis Balero thought I had strep, but we got it checked by one of our ward mission leader's wife, Sis Corzier, who is a doctor on the reservation, and she said it wasn't. So yep. It's not so bad anymore, but it was not fun!  Goodness.
So #5 
I have the coolest sisters in the world!!!!
Thanks Sharee for the cards!
Thanks Kayla for the earings!!!!! LOVED THEM!
Thanks Leisha for the letter and poem!!! :) Awesome sauce!
Thanks Riley for all your cute notes!
And thanks Kelsy for not dying. I know it's hard to write letters when you're in pain. So you get a rain check!
And I guess I love Carl too. Haha (he hasn’t written in the last few weeks)
So #6

Lumberjack bathroom stalls.
I hurt my finger a lot this week. I slammed it in the lumber-jack bathroom stall doors in Neola...only in Neola would they make bathroom stalls out of lumber! And I almost cut it off with some scissors...and I hurt it trying to open some propel...and I got a paper cut...and I banged it on a door. Yup. We were running out of food at the end of this week so we made orange rolls for dinner last night and I burned my finger a little then too. I just haven't been very nice to my hands lately....yup.
So #7 
It's Easter Week. I've decided Easter is my favoritest holiday of all time. But not necessarily for the candy or bunnies or eggs, or even exactly for Christ's Resurrection (though that is SUPER important and I'm so glad that He was able to do that!) but I celebrate it for the act that He did that made Resurrection possible. I am infinitely and overwhelmingly grateful for the atonement. It has been all I can think about lately. I've always had a very personal and soft spot for the Atonement. I think at the beginning of High School was when I started studying it in depth and pondering it a lot. There are so many aspects of it that interest me, sadden me, and make me so so so happy. Because of Him, I can be so much more than I ever thought I could be. I never have to be alone. His atonement makes me want to try my very hardest to make sure that the pain He felt for me was the least amount He could have felt. And when looking back I see so many times where I made Him suffer unnecessarily, I just have to try so much harder now. Gosh. I do. I love Him so much for it. So if you get the chance-- either personally or as a family for Family Home Evening--- watch or read Jeffrey R. Holland's "None Were With Him" He gave that talk my freshman year and it forever changed the way I saw my Savior or even understood the Atonement. It led me to write so many poems, stories, and snap-shots of my life where His sacred act of love came to play in my life. Also go to and click the Link Because of Him. The church is trying to flood the internet with that link and show the world the importance of His sacrafice. It is so important. I can't say it enough. His love is so beautiful and I've never felt it more than I have as a missionary. I love you all so much. Happy Easter. I hope you all have a great week, and remember what truly made all the blessings and happiness we experience in this life possible.

Love Forever,
Sister Lenise Diane Volmer

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