Monday, June 23, 2014

Investigators! Will they? or won't they?

Nice message & lots of chocolate under it.
Dear family,
Another week down.
     Man this week felt like it went on forever and ever and I don't know had a lot of good moments though! Lots of great moments! But this week especially I've been feeling extra exhausted. Sis Nomo and I would start getting drowsy and tired around 4:30pm...which mind you is pretty darn early to start feeling like you need to get to bed...haha. Especially when you still have dinner and three more lessons to fit in. Every night I've come home ready to pass out and every morning I wake up and feel like I've been hit by a bus and can barely open my eyes. Its nuts. The days start to blur together. Everyone says you get more and more exhausted as time goes on... If that's true I'm going to be like a zombie by the time my mission is through! Haha. I still love it though. It's still the work of God.
     So last Monday Dusty took our district to pole creek. Which was really just a sketchy truck ride up the side of a mountain. But once we got to the top the view was stellar! It was fun spending time with our district. We rocked out to missionary-appropriate jams and got to ride in the bed of the truck for a while. We started playing that one game where one person tells a line of a story and then the next person makes up the next part and then the next person, and it goes around the circle. We got laughing pretty hard about our story that included a fairy named sugar spice and her fairy prince Cashew Muscles and their battle against swarms of bees and trolls....random yes, boring no. Haha it was a grand old time. After we went back to Dusty's and all though the elders and sisters had to leave, we stayed and had dinner with Dusty and his parents and also the Millers (the millers are awesome fellow-shippers and good friends of Dusty.)
     Tuesday was interesting. It was fun because we went on exchanges, so I got to spend the day with my new sister training leader Sister Lyle. Sister Lyle is an awesome missionary and a great example. At first I was nervous to have her follow me around Roosevelt all day and access my teaching, but when it came down to it she was just super nice and fun to talk with. She was actually Sister Megan Neilson's companion last transfer, and apparently Megan told her a lot about me haha. But we got along great and had fun talking that night as we fell asleep.
     The next day was back to work as normal. So here is the thing about Sister Nomo that I love. She is very open and forward. So Wednesday morning when we had a little misunderstanding and tension followed, I was worried it was going to just sit there like a rock and effect both of us... Because honestly I'm a weenie and hate conflict and confrontation. But after a little bit,  Sis Nomo came right up to me, apologized, openly shared her feelings, and what was bothering her and I was able to let her know what was really going on in my head, apologize too, and she just gave me a huge hug and let me know she loved me. And after that our relationship improved by 100%. Not that it was bad before, but we both just understood each other better which led to laughing, inside jokes, and long talks. For example, Sis Nomo has discovered my ability to make heinously ugly has been rather fun to see her reactions. We've had a few funny conversations about how people miss-pronounce our names, and we've started referring to each other as Sister Nemo and Sister Voldemort.  Having a companion is constant adjustments, but I love it. No experience is quite like it...except maybe marriage...except you don't switch spouses every few months and have to readjust...haha.
Will these three get baptized?  Yep, if Lenise has a say in it!

  Thursday was a super busy day and we were running everywhere. There is this family that we are teaching that is less active and they have an 8 year old daughter they want baptized...but the mom blatantly refuses to come to church. She wouldn't even set foot in the building to do a chapel tour with us...then we taught the C family that has three little boys, they are the cutest and I love them to death! But they aren't progressing exactly and their baptism is coming up...which might mean we'll need to push their date, which we've already done like three times...ugh.  But they are beginning to show some real potential and I would love to see their family make it to the temple someday!
     We finally got back with Bri.  She is an investigator we started teaching a few months ago but lost contact with. She lives with the crazy White Family that I love! And she is amazing. She is really taking her decision to join the church seriously. Her mom and sister just got baptized in the other stake that we aren't over, so we are teaching her. She knows that she will get baptized eventually, she just wants to make sure that when she does she is wholly committed and has made all the necessary changes. . There is no doubt in my mind that she will be baptized one day. And if I can help her in any way I will.
     So this weekend...was really slow...nobody wanted to see we went and made cookies for our investigators at the Felkins' house during the afternoon and then we made more at the Wilda's later that night. It was fun! I love both of those families and it was fun to spend time with them and their kids and just catch a breather. At the Wildas we played with the little kids. We talked a lot about singing and musicals and how much I missed singing...which seriously has been a major problem for me lately...I have had zero opportunities to sing over the last few weeks and it feels like I'm starving... I don't think it's healthy to feel so attached to singing. Its driving me NUTS! Gosh...
      Yesterday we got back in to see V. She is someone we've been teaching for a loooong time. Since even before I got here. She has been investigating and coming to church but recently has been canceling on us over and over again. We finally got in and her less active husband was there and talked to us for a long time. It went really well and it seems like she's getting more excited to be baptized! Ah! Yes!
       Also we got the agenda for the Fourth of July! So spread the word to any family or friends living in Utah! I will be walking in the 4th of July parade in Provo with our whole mission! So if they want to come and catch a glimpse of all the missionaries on display (including yours truly) we will be parading that morning! Also we get to watch a movie for the 4th of July and we just found out what it is...........FROZEN!!!!! I'm soooooooo stoked and excited!! But all the missionaries made this dumb rule that you can't sing along while we are watching it...haha it's actually a practical rule...but i wanna SING!
Saturday the Sumner twins got baptized! They are the cutest best mannered little boys. I would adopt them if I could! They have these super soft little voices and they hold the doors open for us and are so polite. They were so cute at their baptism! Gosh. I've loved teaching them over the last few weeks. I'm so proud of them. They both have testimonies and talk to us about how they want to serve missions. Stalwart little young gents indeed.
 Well I hope you have all had a great week!
    To answer some of moms questions. Yes I liked Carl comment about my fiesta dress...and I shall continue to wear it when the occasion arises!! My back is doing fine. Only if I sleep on it weird does it give me any trouble. As for my birthday we shall not discuss it until we really have to... I really don't want to turn 20...that sounds too old.... 
Love you all!! Miss you all to pieces! 
Sister Lenise Diane Volmer

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