Tuesday, June 10, 2014

UFO's, a cemetary, and Chumlee

Dearest Darlingest Momsie and Popsicle (and the rest of you crazies!)
     Well this week has been scattered and crazy and good. :) where do I even begin...     Oh I know! So I keep forgetting to write you about this... But a few weeks back something happened...and you are going to think I'm nuts...
     So in case I haven't already told you, Roosevelt is like #1 in the world for UFO sightings. Seriously you could ask anyone around here and either they have seen something strange or someone they are close to has. Well you will never guess...but I have joined the ranks of those here in Roosevelt who have seen strange things. So obviously, us being the only sister missionaries in our mission who cover an Indian Rez we were bound to run into something right?
So yes. I saw a UFO. Don't judge.
     I was driving down a back road with one of our splits for an appointment and we were driving west, and the sun was setting. Suddenly in the sky I saw what I thought was a star...but it was still too bright out for there to be stars...ok it looked like a dot but more like a short strip of light. So I turned to my split Sister Haslem and was like "do you see that?" Pointing out the windshield. She squinted and was like "see what?" As I began to describe it, IT BEGAN TO MOVE! And then it just vanished....and I was like "What the heck!" She made me describe it to her and then she was like "oh no. Not you too."
     So yes. I saw an unidentified flying object.It was weird and it happened.  Great, you're probably searching your minds for mental hospitals and strait jackets now... And where to lock me up. Any who... Lets not dwell on it.
     This week was Sister Nomo's first full week here...and I felt really bad because she has super bad allergies and here in the basin it's terrible! She's allergic to pine trees and she's also allergic to cats and dogs....which the fact that we have a little scruffy dog named Buster living with us doesn't help at all.  She's had to stock up on a bunch of allergy meds and try them out. At the beginning of the week,  I think she was pretty miserable, but now that she has found some medicine that works she is doing a lot better.
     I really like Sis Nomo! She is super funny and we talk a lot. She loves things like Tennis, ballroom dancing, shopping (she loves to shop!)  It's always a new adventure adjusting to a new companion. You feel like you've finally figured out how to do and interact with your current companion, and then they transfer them and you have to relearn all over again. But I'm beginning to really like the changes. I get to meet so many amazing people and get to know them on a personal level.  You also learn the magicalness of awkward silences. haha  Each person is so different and it has really strengthened my testimony of our Heavenly Father who has created us each so differently and uniquely. We each have something to contribute to the work of God. 
Lenise visited the graveside of her Great Great Grandparents
        So on Thursday we were at a lesson in Neola and the topic of relatives and families came up and I told Bro Crozier that I had family over here in Roosevelt and that Grandma Merkley told me that some of them were buried in the Neola cemetery. So after the lesson we had some extra time and Bro Crozier took us to the cemetery and we found Great great grandma and Grandpa Workman's grave! Pearletta and German Workman. It was really cool to see! It just felt really neat to know that I have roots in Roosevelt and to see firsthand the places where my ancestors once lived. No wonder Roosevelt feels so much like home in some ways. 
     So another cool fact! I'm teaching a woman named Terra Rich...and guess who her brother just so happens to be.... Chumlee from Pawn Stars!!! Hahaha I about died laughing when I found out! She was telling us all about it. Apparently he comes to visit Roosevelt once in a blue moon, but I told her that my dad was a HUGE fan of Chumlee and that Sharee had once bought Chumlee t-shirts for Dad, Carl, and Steve. She thought that was super funny and ended up calling him and getting me something... That I shall send for Father's day for dad.... If it doesn't fit...oh well frame it or something... I'll wear it! 
     So something crazy happened this week. A couple that we've been teaching on and off for a while (wife less active, husband nonmember) got in a huge fight... and somehow the husband ended up getting shot in the back of the calf while trying to wrestle a gun out of his wife's hands that she had grabbed to protect herself...and now they are both in jail and we aren't allowed to go over anymore...Just because I'm in Utah, doesn't mean crazy things don't happen people....
     Yesterday we met with the R family again and somehow got on the topic of little kids and how as missionaries we aren't allowed to hold them or pick them up. Their little 1 year old son K is adorable! Somehow we got on the topic of pregnancy and I think I learned more than I ever wanted to know about pregnancy, labor, and post labor....I think I'm scarred for life ...oh my gosh... They kept laughing at my facial reactions to what they were saying....Too much information.... gosh.
     We've been trying to do more service and we got the opportunity this week to help wash cars and windows and sort clothes for a garage sale. Hopefully we'll get more!
     The work has been picking up here and it's been great! We met twin boys this week who were adopted this last year. They want to get baptized in two weeks and are so excited to learn more about the gospel. Their new parents are active and so supportive...so the next two weeks will be a marathon of teaching them the lessons every day and preparing them for baptism. They are great kids and super cute little boys. We also have a nine year old boy named D being baptized this next weekend and it should be a lot of fun. He's a cute little kid too! I'm so excited that the work is picking up! There are always ups and downs, and we've been in a down for a while, but the Lord truly does prepare people for us and places them in our path! It seems like we've been flooded with these people this week. This next week should be super busy! 
     So life is great. Life is grand. I love this missionary work and this life I live! I missed you all a lot this week especially know that you were all together, but I know I'm needed here. You should send me a huge group letter or something! Hope you guys are having a blast and looking for people to teach the gospel to over there! Congrats to Kelsy on Graduation and Carl for making the team! Riley is a superstar!!!! Seriously get her into some voice lessons and let her shine. She rocks! 
     I love you all and miss you all! Have fun at the baby shower! Have fun with all those babies! 
     I love you all to pieces! Miss you loads! Have a great week and end of school!
Love forever,
Sister Lenise Diane Volmer


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