Monday, June 30, 2014

Missionary Life Keeps me on my Toes!

Hanging out with some cute kids.
Dearest Family.
I don't know where to begin....
     This week was kind of nuts...But good. But blah on some days, but like stellar on others and I was just like "Oh missionary you keep me on my toes!!" 
     Wednesday was the best! We got to go to the temple for the first time in three months. And can I just say it felt so good!!!!! I miss the temple. I always learn something new while I'm there and it always makes me feel so uplifted and so much better. I've missed going so often and at the beginning of the week I was beginning to feel super over stressed and overwhelmed and everything seemed to be accumulating and then I walked into the temple and it was just was such a relief and felt so good to feel the spirit there. I need the temple. It makes me sad that I can't go as often as I would like...I'll just have to get more people prepared to go so I can go more often!!!
        We got to go shopping afterwards like we always do when we go to vernal and we had some fun trying on crazy dresses at D.I. and going to Walmart to stalk up on cheap stuff! (Everything in Roosevelt is insanely overpriced!) 
     Thursday was crazy busy! We had zone training meeting which went pretty well! I sang an “I am a Child of God” duet with Elder Davis. Except afterwards I feel motivated to do so much more...and then it turns into being stressed because I feel like I'm not doing enough. It's an overwhelming happy but worried kind of stress.  I just always wish there was more I could do for people. Just more and more of me to give. I wish some people would let me help them, but they're stubborn...After ZTM we had a bajillion appointments. I think that day we had a total of 9 lessons. That night both Sis Nomo and I felt so tired. 
Missionary Band pose....goofy kids.
     Friday we went to the C. I think I've told you about G and W. G is a recent convert and has picked up his smoking habit again so we are trying to help him overcome it. But his wife was having a back problems and so she got to go get a shot in her back...and while we were there she totally mooned us!!! to show us the bruise on the top of her bum/bottom of her spine. Sis Nomo was laughing so hard and I was trying to tell her to be quiet but I was also trying really hard not to laugh hysterically too. 
        Sunday was awesome. We had one of the 70 in our stake, Elder Randal and he wanted to meet with us missionaries specifically and with our stake presidency. He was such a powerful speaker. I sang with a small group "I'll find you my friend" in sacrament meeting with him there in the Roosevelt 9th ward, and then he asked Sis Nomo to bare her testimony. After when we met with him and the stake presidency he talked to us about how the first presidency wants to double the number of baptisms in the church...which they said wouldn't be possible unless the members get more involved...and he said there is a grand total of 3% of members in the church who are involved in their local missionary work... so to double baptisms all we need is 6% members involved! He then read D&C 29:7 with us "And ye are called to bring to pass the gathering of mine elect; for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts;" and asked who the elect were. I said "Everyone has the potential to become one of the elect." and he said "yes, but there were some of us who were trained before this life to be doing what we are doing right now. I'm sure all of us in this room met together before this life and trained together to be exactly where we are right now." I got chills. As we were leaving he said "Gather the elect Sisters. When they see and hear you they will recognize you." It was amazing! He was so great!
     I've been hearing a lot about family history out here and have had a real drive to do it! Except as missionaries we are discouraged to do it because according to the first presidency our "work is for the living not the dead." So let grandma Merkley and Volmer know I'm going to be attacking them when I get home about family history stuff and temple works. I'd love to just read some of the stories about my ancestors and get to know them more...dang.. I need to get better at journaling. 
      Well I love you all to death! I'm sad everyone has been so sick! :( Hope they all get better!
     I'm so stoked to parade this week and watch FROZEN! Thanks for all the videos and letters! Just remember, because you guys are all together doesn't give you an excuse not to write me! Keep me in the loop! I love you lots and miss you lots! You are always always always in my prayers!
Sister Lenise Diane Volmer!

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