Monday, September 22, 2014

Temple....and slashed tires!

They all look happy!
Dear Family,
This week. I can't put it into words. I don't think I've had such a hectic week yet. It was all kinds of amazing exciting awesome outstanding great goodness! And all kinds of horrible in between.  Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.
    Last p-day we went sour patch bowling again...which was a lot of fun and hilarious! We changed it up a little and did some tornado bowling where you have to spin around for ten seconds before you bowl.  I love our district and we have so much fun together! They have all discovered my talent for taking hideous double chin pictures...and I think I am currently the back ground on 3/4 of their ipad screens. Also Elder Quezada challenged me to eat a palm full of the sour powder from the sour patch bag... that was really gross. Then that night we had Jaden's baptism interview with the Zone leaders
    Tuesday we had exchanges with the STL's. I got to go to Vernal with Sis Rogers. She is a sweet heart and we had a lot of fun laughing. We had never been on exchanges before and it was fun to get to know each other. My day with her was super busy and we were on the run all day long. It was

    The next day, Wednesday was SOOOOO busy! We had district meeting and district lunch (at which I snorted like a pig on accident while eating and had all the elders laughing their heads off at me....yeah I'm pretty sure I'm the dumb blonde comic relief in their lives....) and then we were teaching nonstop all day. We were running back and forth, and then we stayed up really late packing EVERYTHING because we were switching houses the next day and had no time to pack before. Two people packing everything at once...that was fun... It was super sad to leave Sis Brighton. :( I love that little old lady! She was the sweetest! She was really sad to see us go, and I was sad to leave. I have never lived somewhere other than home as long as I did at Sis Brightons house. But the next day, Thursday we hauled everything into the Roosevelt 11th ward. We are seriously so much closer to everything in our area now...and I love our new home! The bed is soooooo comfy! And helps a lot with my back! LOVE!  And there are nowhere near as many spiders. (You would be proud of me. Sis McMurray is more scared of spiders than I am, and I have gotten better at killing them...although I can still only do it with a shoe...and I might let out a scream every now and then.)  My legs felt like jello after the stationary bike and treadmill! It's great! Our landlords are the sweetest too! They are so kind to us!

      Friday we got to go to Vernal to the Temple because a less active couple I've been working with for 6 months were going to get their endowments. The Croziers (one of our ward mission leaders and his wife. Bro Crozier is like my adopted grandpa. I wish you guys could meet him. He is everyone’s favorite person and the sweetest!) gave us a ride up. We stopped at a church book store to buy something for Jaden's baptism and somebody there randomly donated $20 to help us buy her a nice journal and get her name engraved on it. Tender Mercy! We then went through the temple session. It was great! It is seriously the BEST and most AMAZING feeling to be able to see people you've been working with enter the celestial room. I was smiling like an idiot the whole time! 
Slashed tires after temple re-dedication.

     Then when we got out of the temple, I found out that the pianist I had arranged to play for my musical number at the baptism the next day had suddenly fell through. It was like 8:30 at night and the baptism was the next day at 10am...I was frantic! I was trying to call anybody I knew who could play the took forever! And I was so stressed! But finally Sis Wells came through. But I didn't get the music to her until the next morning. So that was stressful. 
      Then the next day the ward mission leader accidentally left the font water on for too long and almost flooded the baptism font!!! Jaden's baptism went well, but when she got in the font the water was up to her neck! We thought we would need a lifeguard or floaties if it had been any higher! Her grandpa who baptized her could have just put his hand on her head and dunked her for her baptism! When she was done her mom was at the door saying "Ok jade, now swim back!" haha! Gosh!
      Saturday evening we got to go back to Vernal to watch Elvis and Debbie Prescott get sealed together, which was really neat! They were so excited and the spirit was really strong. After a stressful couple days it is always just feels so good to be in the temple, to feel everything melt away, and to feel at home. 
     Sunday was cool because we got to go to the Ogden Temple Rededication Broadcast. I have never been to one before (I was too young when our temple was dedicated) so it was cool to experience. We went to two of the sessions and the spirit was really strong! I love our prophet and his apostles! They are so inspired! And I love the temple!
      Something not so great happened afterwards though. We were climbing into our car when one of our Bishop's sons drove by with his new wife and he rolled down his window. So I rolled mine down and he said "Did you know that your two right tires are completely flat?" and I was like "Wait...what?!" so we climbed out of the car and sure enough they were flat. We were racking our brains trying to remember where we had driven recently that could have done that and couldn't think of a thing. We called the zone leaders and they borrowed one of the donut tires from the other sister’s car that matched ours and they came and helped us change our tires. After further inspection we realized that one of them looked like it had been sliced open a little and the other one looked like it had a puncture wound from a knife. I can officially say that while on my mission we got our tires slashed.... yay....not. 
     Sunday night went better though! We got to meet with B! We haven't seen her in forever! I've told you about her once before, forever ago! She lives with the White family. And they are Hilarious!!!! We had a bunch of good laughs last night! They have a son serving in England right now who gets back in May. And after telling me about all his flaws...they then decided that I needed to marry him.....Um....say what?! I've had people try to adopt me before, but this was the first time they tried to marry me off to their son....Hahahaha NO.
      So yeah. Crazy week. 
      I love you all! Thanks for keeping me in the loop! I miss you all to smithereens. 
Sister Lenise Diane Volmer

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